Soulful “Paddy 49” Clean sound patch

Soulful “Paddy 49” Clean sound patch

Patch Preset: Ambient Pad
Paddy Clean Patch

Clean sound with reverb & delay.
Long delay and reverb sound. Clean sound.

How to download this preset sound patch:
To get the new patches of “Joey Soplantila”, you need to download the app “Remote Firehawk”. This app is also known for the end-users for the Firehawk FX (FHFX). With this app you can download the patches, modules and presets.
After the installation of this app:
– Open app on your device;
– Go to “Tone Search”;
– Search:

JOEY S. (global patches for the FHFX);
SOPLANTILA (normal patches & experimental patches – such like bass simulation, overdrive, synthesizer guitar simulation).
JOEYSOPLANTILA (special patches and FRFR tested).