News Update 2022 about Joey Soplantila

News Update 2022 about Joey Soplantila

It has been a long there was a latest news and articles about Joey Soplantila and new presets & patches for the Line 6 Firehawk FX. The last update was in 2021.

This is because Joey was unfortanely paralized since 2021 and had some complications after he was paralized.
Joey Soplantila has recovered in 2022, but he is permanently deaf on one side.
So he can’t hear anymore on his right side.

A few months after his paralization he had some issues and defined with UARS.
Still on his recovering, but one side deaf for life.

Joey Soplantila comment:
If Ludwig von Beethoven can compose his last composition when he was deaf? Then i can do it the same with making new sound, patches and presets. But i will try to make new patches & patches by knowledge and frequency.
So there are new patches on the way.

I noticed an new adjustment to live with this handicap. So i’m going to adjust to keep going further